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October 2019 and not much has changed but a lot happened

I looked at this blog last in February 2019 when the Green New Deal first appeared.
Since then the president has become the main topic and Bernie is still not getting in the headlines except for this ….
Watch it the SHARE IT if you want better changes.

In 1970 I registered to vote and have voted as often as possible including non-presidential and local elections.
It’s easy. For some it has become a hassle for registering then casting a vote due to efforts to try to deprive those that might vote for candidates that want the Bernie values.

If you were born in 2000, the 2020 election is your FIRST presidential election if you are registered.

If you have children attending a public or private school this month then they probably will be eligible to vote in 2032.
That’s THREE presidential elections.
The person who will be that president is already alive !

Does that school teach them the right stuff
about what it means to vote ?

Who are they voting for in 2032 ?

If you don’t know how will they learn about what is going to happen !

New Idea – Preparing for Pi Day 2018

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Now it’s 2018 and we need to be ready for this year’s adventures.

We’ve moved to the new server on GoDaddy !
This site will be an exploration of new tools but less actively updated.


Not much to report but a lot has been happening since last post in June 2017 !
I’ll be editing and adding pictures to this post but for now this is a quick text only post.

  1. I retired in 2017 officially so now I am less available for contract work but still involved at MakeIt Labs in Nashua New Hampshire.
  2. We have started the Back to Nature Learning Space to begin teaching the newest generation about plants and animals.
  3. I restarted as camera operator for The Groton Channel on Monday nights for Selectman’s meetings.
    The have a Newtek TriCaster Mini which reminds me of earlier days with the NewTek VideoToaster from the same company.
  4. I added another video camera to my collection !
    The Zoom Q2n is more practical than my last video camera which was the Nikon Keymission 360 in 2017.
    Both will be used to try to create videos that will be used for various purposes. Bothe personal and semi-professional.