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2020 hind sight is not visible.

Just a quick place holder to say COVID-19 has changed all the plans, past, present and future.
Forget travel and greener living as things are too up in the air.
The air though is cleaner though with everyone practically motionless.

Go Dems, especially Bernie

Axios gets you smarter, faster with news & information that matters.


Sunrise is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.


Direct link to the Green New Deal with out opinions !

Introduced in Senate (is)
S. Res. 59 (IS) – Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal.Sponsor: Markey, Edward J.

Introduced in House (ih)
H. Res. 109 (IH) – Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal.Sponsor: Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria


We the people…
Get it, Got it, Go for it !!!

Pictures for those who want it in color and using simple words.


❝I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people.❞
― Franklin D. Roosevelt, accepting the Democratic Party nomination for President | 1932

Just to explain the Summer of 2015

So far I have done the annual June car inspection with Smart Boston – Dealership.

So it has been a year and 5617 miles with no gas.
If it is $2.50 per gallon and 25 miles per gallon then thats $561.70 a year worth of gas.
But if it’s more like 50 miles per gallon or $230.85 for the year !
At 100 miles per gallon electric (MPGe) comparison it becomes $115.42 for gas !

Electricity is 12 cents a kilowatt and at 4 miles per kilowatt.
I estimate I used 5617 miles divided by 4 miles per kw
or 1404.25 kw multiplied by 12 cents
is $168.51 this year for electricity !

But Fuel Economy says someones Smart ED gets 117 MPGe !
The comparison page for 2014 Smart ED coupe says 107 MPGe for 68 miles range.
122 city and 93 Highway !
I beat that easily with maybe 68 highway range with heat or air at night in the rain !
OK, Some downhill and regenerative braking done… 

You do the MATH…

5617 by July 2015

Looking at miles traveled on the ECO page of

IMSA ROAR 2014 at Artisan’s Asylum (Never Happened !)

This ROAR Tribute event at the Artisan’s Asylum
 would allow for testing and photo opportunity !

I created this blog post to explain the concept
in an online space available to link to in an email !

I tried to finalized plans twice
but it did not happen.

IMSA 2014 ROAR before the 24

IMSA 2014 ROAR before the 24

2014 Daytona Rolex 24

This is a screen capture from the official web page for the Rolex 24 at Daytona in 2014

What was the rush ?

Artisan's Asylum logo

Maybe in a new space making it happen was too difficult.
The Artisan’s Asylum is creating a new multipurpose room
but between weather, illness and logistics it was hard to nail down the space for use.
We didn’t make the ROAR so then we started a discussion !
We continued unsucessfully to get a final decision.
Second chance also failed as well for January 25, 2014 for the actual event
even though it was a better time with more time to plan.

A little background about the track !

Daytona 24 LeMans in ScaleI mentioned the story in an earlier post !
The track is in storage and hasn’t been set up due to it’s size since 2003 in Chelmsford at the Cool Games summer science camp.
It is large with numerous plastic parts.
Schematic parts list of Daytona scale trackI am eager to test it again and begin a new program to educate the public on electric vehicles.
It is tied in with my simultaneous effort with the Meet Up Group “Boston Green Business Networking Group“.

My next step is do it somewhere beyond Boston near north west area and Route 2 and Interstate 495
so if you are interested and can help make it happen then contact me !

When 2011 was almost done or almost 2012…

I was planning for the holidays and lost the forest for the trees.

I am very productive lately making new connections in preparation of 2012.
It seems every ten years I finish one cycle and start another.
Each decade starts a new chapter.
Is this by design ?
Next year begins my sixth decade cycle !

Today there was a mention of a birthday on the town email list.
I followed the signature (finally) of the owner of that site and discovered this new site !

Richard Thompson was born at his parents’ home in
the Spring of 1949, in West-London, and spent his
early years in post war Britain, surrounded by a family with wide musical tastes. Counted among his early influences are Django Reinhardt, Fats Waller, Les Paul, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong. Flip the coin from his father’s jazz record collection to the early rock and roll music made available to him through his elder sister, including Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis’ Great Balls of Fire, and the eclectic diversity of his multi-generational career becomes clear.”

It reminded me that everyone lives in a world either silently or well recognized !
These days we may exist unnoticed amongst all the  information available.

So in 1949 Richard Thompson was born.

Three years later I was born. I loved the discovery process.

The house my father built

In 1952 I began my first decade on earth here.

I spent a lot of time with my grand parents while my mother worked as a legal secretary and my father switched often his line of work. I had a paper route like many kids in the 1950’s.
It was safe to ride a bicycle and go up to a stranger’s house.

My grand father was Paul Hoxsie was born 1897 & who grew up in Canterbury Connecticut where he worked in his father’s general store. He later moved to Westbrook Connecticut and opened his own general store.
I knew him to be living on EZ Street. I called him “Hubba”. I now find I may have an unknown endearment that no one else recognizes. His wife was Ruth & known to me as “Nanna” which is a more common family familiar.

In the 50s and 60s this was my place to be when not at home or in school

My Grandfather Paul Hoxsie owned the land and named “EZ Street” for his driveway.

I was friends with the milk man who delivered bottles to the front door and rode on his route a couple of times. My father worked in the headquarters of Maple Shade Dairies in Guilford Connecticut so I felt safe. If you followed the previous link you discover a past that was important at the time but is relatively unknown.

In my first decade I attended elementary school but I was a bit mischievous so I was reprimanded often. My self esteem never really suffered because this is how I thought it was suppose to be.

Another decade began in 1962 and I was active in Drum Corp.

1972 was beginning to move to Arlington.

1982 was changing from technical instructor to applications engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).

1992 was Event Video Multimedia in Littleton, Ma.

2002 was Cool Games Network in Chelmsford, Ma

2012 will be…

Next stop 2012 – All Aboard!

When you think of winter most people in the Northeastern USA think about snow , cold and short days. We already had a snow storm that came before leaves changed color and fell to the ground.

Fall in October and Snow - 2011

What is this ? Snow before Halloween !

So where is it said that things remain the same.
Is this “Climate Change” or a freak of nature.

We can’t blame the stock market !

Even that doesn’t make sense…

More to come…?!?!

We shall see (if there is light enough) !

I care as much about the light at the end of the tunnel as I do the light at the end of the day !

When an iDea begins to make sense…

Almost a year ago a group I know had an iDea

Part of Green Group Presentation by Cool Games Network © 2011

Presentation by © Cool Games Network 2011

This will be part of Green Group Boston‘s lesson in creating a blog !

WiFi Fantasy…

WiFi by coova , Trains by playing !

Let’s begin where we are and and catch you up. We have had a busy Summer with the crash of the Prius and getting kids back to college. Now that colder weather is on us we have more time for indoor activities.

In the final days of September I began therapy for back pain. I may be from train modules or wheel chairs or college baggage. Any way there was a day there to drive to Hartford and meet relatives. Along the way I saw a lotr of trains as they are. Once I met relatives I showed pictures of Spain and High Speed travel at 200+ miles per hour. How nice if the Amtrak got me from Boston to Hartford that fast ! It would have been less than one hour trip.

So in November I went to Bedford Boomers and sat with European Train Club next to the host Model Train club. National Model Railroad Association had asked me to evangelize membership ! So I sat in a camping chair and showed kids and parents how to control trains with the “ECoS” controller. I made the trains make sounds and moved them remotely. Many never realized that this was how easy it was to connect Europe and American trains in Scale Model worlds. I could have never put those trains on the large layouts because even at the small scale there are discrepancies. Once I switch to catenary power I will be able to make the connections. That’s what I plan to do and so also the European club.

We both will build a presentation that only needs 15 minutes from one member to display. Then kids and parents will see the future (in scale). Almost feels like a private world’s fair.

Two places to read where I’ve been and where we are going !

AVE S/103 Velaro in Spain

High Speed in Florida

I’ll leave you to find out more about
Trains for America

Not my contribution but still a kindred spirit !


Earth Day 2010 – April 22 – Why one day ?

A lot is invested in the marketing of green lifestyles. At the lead is “Earth Day” which signifies the meaning of preserving the earth’s resources.

What USA eats in a year

What USA eats in a year

Hungry Planet describes what people eat in other parts of the world.

What Guatemala eats

What Guatemala eats in a year

I personally am trying to see if I can change the world.
If I can change my lifestyle this year even more, then maybe someone learns by my example what it is to be concerned enough to spend time, money and energy to change.
They may end up also wanting to change themselves.

Since I still don’t have the kind of income I had in 1984 when  I began this effort, I need to be less philanthropic. I may have spent millions on food and gasoline in the past 26 years. I now am less lucrative and still able to eat and travel. In high school I drove a 1963 Austin Heally Sprite with a 1 liter motor.

Today a similar retro car is the BMW Mini which still signifies small and economical form of transportation. My car today is a 2006 VW GLI which is still a pauper by todays standards. When the family grew away we downsized the 7 passenger 2000 VW Eurovan to a cozy 2008 Prius.

Old habits die hard and so I still eat and drive more than I need sometimes but I feel I can’t do it alone. I don’t care if global warming is a fact or not, although I believe it exists but not all due to human activities. Driving to a job costs so much that not working is more attractive and less of a financial burden. With three kids in college , unemployed, I am spending time driving to networking meetings with others who expect me to help them find their next paycheck. I feel callous both to those nice people and to the traffic I add to in this quest.

Social networking websites could be an answer if the authors had something to say rather than becoming a popularity contest. What if every room and every website heard what was being said by the attendees. My small BLOG here is lost in the noise as much as my reduced driving has little affect on the traffic jams.

Where will we be in April 2011 ?

Will people plan now for that next Earth Day ?

Will increased participation mean less impact on the Earth ?

Time” will tell like a snitch in the streets…

Spring forward, Time to renew & start again

Since traveling to Cozumel last winter I have had time to think.
Why is Cozumel so interesting ?
I compared it to nearby Nashua and found some interesting similarities,
Nashua is now 30 square miles but began as 200 square miles. Size then is similar to Cozumel now.
Similar size population Nashua New Hampshire and San Miguel Cozumel

So here I am in Groton, Mass on March 18, 2010,
Weather changed from raining to somewhat warm 65 degrees Fahrenheit just like in Cozumel while we were there.

Is it fair to compare the two times and places ?
I grew up on the beach in Westbrook Connecticut with a similarpopulation density as Groton.
Westbrook had a similar relaxed seaside nature in the 60’s like Cozumel.
Now it has become a shoppers paradise with outlets and souvenirs just like Cozumel.
But the Cozumel population size is more like Nashua. Both places have zones of focus. Cozumel wins for selection size but loses in consistency.

Standard Beach

Now starting again I go back to days of Video.

Where and When ?

For each of us it is different time and space…

Contact me if you need help with your vision this time !!!