Just to explain the Summer of 2015

So far I have done the annual June car inspection with Smart Boston – Dealership.

So it has been a year and 5617 miles with no gas.
If it is $2.50 per gallon and 25 miles per gallon then thats $561.70 a year worth of gas.
But if it’s more like 50 miles per gallon or $230.85 for the year !
At 100 miles per gallon electric (MPGe) comparison it becomes $115.42 for gas !

Electricity is 12 cents a kilowatt and at 4 miles per kilowatt.
I estimate I used 5617 miles divided by 4 miles per kw
or 1404.25 kw multiplied by 12 cents
is $168.51 this year for electricity !

But Fuel Economy says someones Smart ED gets 117 MPGe !
The comparison page for 2014 Smart ED coupe says 107 MPGe for 68 miles range.
122 city and 93 Highway !
I beat that easily with maybe 68 highway range with heat or air at night in the rain !
OK, Some downhill and regenerative braking done… 

You do the MATH…

5617 by July 2015

Looking at miles traveled on the ECO page of VH.smart.com


Getting the Word out…

So who knows me and what I do ?
It is now almost a year since my last post that meant anything.
Last year at this time I was writing about Earth Day 2014 !
By July 2014 I had gotten the Electric Drive Smart

Smart charging in Boston

First Fill up

I tracked it’s charging a while to see how much it costs each charge.

Collage of charging Smart ED

Facebook album

I am starting to show up more often with the car and on the Internet.
Also trying using a new tool

View my Flipboard Magazine. <- work in progress

Kevin , my son is working with John Shea
on an Internet Marketing Company so I am connecting Frozen Wave Media here.

About Us - Frozen Wave Media

John Shea and Kevin Davy are part of this Internet Marketing Company.


I will do an Earth Day Event at Groton Public Library on April 22, 2015

What’s been happening since May 2014

From Smart Center of Boston !

From Smart Center of Boston !

June was busy and near end I leased a 2014 Smart ED electric drive.
The plan is to lease the battery rather than include in cost of vehicle.

Lights, Action , Camera ! Where’s the “Action” at ?

Cristina in Malaga

AVE train at nearly 200 MPH.

From over a year ago…
60 years but who’s counting.

I spent May 6,2008 in Malaga Spain for our 25th anniversary next day.
less significant than 2014 as the 60th birthday of the one who shares so many of my memories.

Monte Málaga Hotel

Monte Málaga Hotel: the value of respect for the environment


Cristina and Lee

Easter 2014



Then there are those that overlap…

 Now it’s May 2014 and things that are happening today.

There’s a simple fundraiser that’s not so simple !

Follow this Link ->  CEMI Studio at the Artisan’s Asylum

CEMI Studio at the Artisan's Asylum

Somerville, MA, for artists to create digital media and showcase their crafts.







And a race that’s goes on again for yet another year …


Race Date: 11 May 2014
Circuit Name: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
First Grand Prix: 1991
Number of Laps: 66
Circuit Length: 4.655 km
Race Distance: 307.104 km
Lap Record: 1:21.670 – K Raikkonen (2008)

We plan to make new memories in another trip but this time near home…

I am looking forward to this memory and remember all the times we were elsewhere together.

Happy Birthday and wish you many more !

Ok, so now back to the present !

I’ve got things to do and memories to make !


Earth Day 2014 ? Any one notice ?

So what happened today ?

I went to a dog training class !

Nothing unusual !

Anything happen to you today ?

April 2014 – Let’s focus on 22 and not 1 !

April begins with “All Fools Day

April Fools’ Day (alternatively April Fool’s Day, sometimes All Fools’ Day) is celebrated on 1 April every year. 1 April is not a national holiday, but is widely recognized and celebrated in various countries as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other called April fools.[1]

This is not a way to celebrate Spring beginnings although the weather seems to be a natural hoax.

Winter Weather Statistics: Where 2013-2014 Season Stands

But just how serious is this winter, historically? We dug up some winter-weather statistics for a few major cities across the U.S. (Keep in mind, a lot of this is still preliminary weather data from the National Weather Service, so it could eventually be adjusted.)

Before March ended I wanted to estimate and photograph the Circuit de Catalona and begin to
promote on a Facebook page

Circuit de Catalona - 1:32 Scalextric Sport

Instead of the larger Daytona LeMans I am focusing in May 2014 with a smaller race to promote global infrastructure.

Seemed easy enough as I could just do as I always did and load it in the pickup and assemble then
photograph from a high angle. But again I found obstacles not from the track size but from the location
management size. Too many people involved in a simple act that it never could succeed without committee
and boards making executive decisions that impact the community that would host the event.

What community ?

A group of individuals with diverse ideas and following a common thread as if they were ships in a port
or on the open seas. Each with their own agenda but aware of the surrounding activity. Now add to that
the infrastructure systems being managed by overloaded individuals that spend time looking in every
direction before looking straight ahead.

It’s like a bumper car ride in a house of mirrors !
Bumper Cars in house of mirrorsNo matter where you look there is you or others looking back and
making you look better or worse !

And then you bump heads…

And loose perspective…

Fading into the distance…
Feeling less impact and more confusion…
Finally, no one notices you until you move closer and impact them in their world !!!

So, if you are reading this then I may be in front of you or in your mirror….


Mirrored texT

Mirrored Text

So where do we find time for saving the planet ?

Everyday and every way !

On April 22 2014 look back at what you have done or look into the future !

Or just watch as others reflections appear in your view !

What ever you do be sure you are there in mind and spirit !

IMSA ROAR 2014 at Artisan’s Asylum (Never Happened !)

This ROAR Tribute event at the Artisan’s Asylum
 would allow for testing and photo opportunity !

I created this blog post to explain the concept
in an online space available to link to in an email !

I tried to finalized plans twice
but it did not happen.

IMSA 2014 ROAR before the 24

IMSA 2014 ROAR before the 24

2014 Daytona Rolex 24

This is a screen capture from the official web page for the Rolex 24 at Daytona in 2014

What was the rush ?

Artisan's Asylum logo

Maybe in a new space making it happen was too difficult.
The Artisan’s Asylum is creating a new multipurpose room
but between weather, illness and logistics it was hard to nail down the space for use.
We didn’t make the ROAR so then we started a discussion !
We continued unsucessfully to get a final decision.
Second chance also failed as well for January 25, 2014 for the actual event
even though it was a better time with more time to plan.

A little background about the track !

Daytona 24 LeMans in ScaleI mentioned the story in an earlier post !
The track is in storage and hasn’t been set up due to it’s size since 2003 in Chelmsford at the Cool Games summer science camp.
It is large with numerous plastic parts.
Schematic parts list of Daytona scale trackI am eager to test it again and begin a new program to educate the public on electric vehicles.
It is tied in with my simultaneous effort with the Meet Up Group “Boston Green Business Networking Group“.

My next step is do it somewhere beyond Boston near north west area and Route 2 and Interstate 495
so if you are interested and can help make it happen then contact me !