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Just a quick post in January 2017

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I am getting excited to start working on a home and community based project.
The idea is both energy and media based but needs time to formalize the real plan.
Drop me a note if you are local to Groton, MA USA and interested in learning more.

I’ve been quiet long enough to get things going.

So I am returning three Apple devices and switching most systems to Ubuntu Linux.
Beginning with returning the iPad and MacBook Air and switching the daily driver !

System 76 Lemur

System 76 Lemur laptop

Thin & lightweight.
Perfect for those on the go, the Lemur is easy to carry from meeting to meeting or across campus.

But the television is on and seeing that I am not alone with doing changes that affect me alone but
are activities shared by others.

Change the Channel !
“Rights of Nature”

Banner for Rights of Nature website

rights of Mother Earth


So for now I’ll remain quiet but not silent !


So check back later and I’ll be describing more what’s been going on or drop me a note if you can figure out how.

Last post of 2015 – Is 2016 ready for a new view of the world ?

2015 + 1 = 2016 – Simple Math ?

Let’s see what began in 2015 and add 365 days

Posts to Blog – April, July, August and October 2014

Not much said or done.
Posts to other sites ?
January rehearsal site visit, Selma and snow !
Oh, and Interstellar movie and later DVD !




The Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 (DK2) traveling exhibit gives fans a virtual first look at the new film through an immersive experience.

Jump to January 2016 from January 2015

OSVR head mounted display

Launched in January 2015

June Wedding of the Gamesmaster !

I am not going to say a lot right now as a lot of things happened but not much of interest outside the family and friends.
I expect to watch Consumer Electronics Show and see a lot of what 2016 will introduce.

From technology to politics it promises to be an eventful year.
Maybe I will post more often than I did in 2015 !

Google 2015 Images

Simple 2015 Image Search

Happy New Year 2016 !

Saying good bye (buy) to Apple OS X after a decade.

No more iPhone if I can find Intel Android tablet device with 4G/LTE to be hot spot then I may keep iPad and iPods with iPhone as Wifi.


Starting with KB1ELE radios and KB1OIQ distribution.

The Samsung Tab 2 with the Nuvision TM700A520L Quad core Atom running Kit Kat (for now) for $100 from Staples is all I really wanted when I drank the 2008 Touch iPod Kool Aid !

7 years of bad luck and I didn’t even get to break the mirror.
Or the seven year itch ?
7 inch screen is larger than most phones for us older folks with diminishing eye sight.
And it takes pictures and saves on removable expandable memory.
Plug it into another device and copy or print pictures.
Scribble the login instead of fat figure or finger print recognition.
And email reading while on the go with bigger screen.
Thanks Windows 10 for making it all possible with same Intel tablet running Android instead.

It connects to Wifi, YouTube, Netflix and activates on TV without a proprietary Apple TV set top box which stopped support for YouTube after 3 years.
Just a Chrome Cast ($35) or Smart TV like Viera Panasonic.
Then Android Studio for free to develop my own projects without royalties and renewing $100 developers license to be in a store / market.

Need I go on ?

 Ok, now for the fun part !

I start with KB1OIQ ubuntu for Ham Radio on the left !
At the same time is ubuntu Studio on the same MacBook with the Yamaha AG03  !

 UV-5R series two-way radio are the newest styles by BAO FENG

It is really a cost-effective LCD dual band two-way radio, if you like it, why are you hesitating?

I have added a Baofeng UV-5R to my shack so as to use this distribution
and share the information with other hams and non-hams.

This will improve multimedia for eventual Wifi communications in an emergency or in a contest like ARRL Field Day !

100 years in 2012 is Ham Radio !

Now again in 2016 is KB1ELE from the FCC.

But your are also involved with an FCC license.

The Declaration of Internet Freedom

Internet freedom isn’t a left or right issue — it should matter to everyone who cares about the health and future of democracy.

The Open Internet rules went into effect on June 12, 2015. They are ensuring consumers and businesses have access to a fast, fair, and open Internet.

The Film Killswitch was released on October 23, 2015 so I added the link here.

Anyway, 2016 is starting to look like a really exciting time.

Stay tuned or

CQ, CQ KB1ELE calling CQ

April 2014 – Let’s focus on 22 and not 1 !

April begins with “All Fools Day

April Fools’ Day (alternatively April Fool’s Day, sometimes All Fools’ Day) is celebrated on 1 April every year. 1 April is not a national holiday, but is widely recognized and celebrated in various countries as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other called April fools.[1]

This is not a way to celebrate Spring beginnings although the weather seems to be a natural hoax.

Winter Weather Statistics: Where 2013-2014 Season Stands

But just how serious is this winter, historically? We dug up some winter-weather statistics for a few major cities across the U.S. (Keep in mind, a lot of this is still preliminary weather data from the National Weather Service, so it could eventually be adjusted.)

Before March ended I wanted to estimate and photograph the Circuit de Catalona and begin to
promote on a Facebook page

Circuit de Catalona - 1:32 Scalextric Sport

Instead of the larger Daytona LeMans I am focusing in May 2014 with a smaller race to promote global infrastructure.

Seemed easy enough as I could just do as I always did and load it in the pickup and assemble then
photograph from a high angle. But again I found obstacles not from the track size but from the location
management size. Too many people involved in a simple act that it never could succeed without committee
and boards making executive decisions that impact the community that would host the event.

What community ?

A group of individuals with diverse ideas and following a common thread as if they were ships in a port
or on the open seas. Each with their own agenda but aware of the surrounding activity. Now add to that
the infrastructure systems being managed by overloaded individuals that spend time looking in every
direction before looking straight ahead.

It’s like a bumper car ride in a house of mirrors !
Bumper Cars in house of mirrorsNo matter where you look there is you or others looking back and
making you look better or worse !

And then you bump heads…

And loose perspective…

Fading into the distance…
Feeling less impact and more confusion…
Finally, no one notices you until you move closer and impact them in their world !!!

So, if you are reading this then I may be in front of you or in your mirror….


Mirrored texT

Mirrored Text

So where do we find time for saving the planet ?

Everyday and every way !

On April 22 2014 look back at what you have done or look into the future !

Or just watch as others reflections appear in your view !

What ever you do be sure you are there in mind and spirit !

Finally 2013 begins in March

Makerspace sound check

Waiting for instructions at Making of a Makerspace !

Saturday, February 2, 2013 1:43 PM started a new part of my New Years resolution.

I wanted to find a place to be part of something bigger.

Described later in this article

SparkFun at Make a MakerSpace, hosted by Artisan’s Asylum, Part 1

by LC | February 25, 2013 | 10 comments | share

But an important part went unnoticed that needs to be mentioned.
There were those attending that would have missed the message if not for the stage hands. You’ve heard about them in songs and verse but they are the silent backstage crew that makes the world aware of the actors !  I am one of the few that sits and sometimes stands though the credits at the end of a movie. I have been rewarded occasionally by seeing out takes or connections I would have missed if I had raced out of the theater. Ever since days in High School and maybe even earlier I have been asked to perform those tasks that befuddle or seem too extensive for the presenters to concern themselves with. The audio visual club has become the nerds of the present day society.

I am there !

I am there again in 2013 !

So now how am I starting to feel as part of a silent group ?
I naturally network but I have found the “Hidden Job Market” which may or may not be lucrative but sometimes I am part of a bigger thing than that.
I take pictures so I remember where I have been.

Linus Torvalds will present the track keynote 
"Linux: Past, Present, and Future."

Here’s one -> Linux 95 as described at the Article which states

On Wednesday, May 10, DECUS '95/Washington, D.C. will feature a full day of 
sessions for Linux users and those who are interested in learning more about 
the Linux operating system.

We all know how that turned out !

I was there using MBONE to spread the word and because of that I was at the above conference taking the included picture.

Next Year

The Linux track was so successful that an even larger track is being planned for December 2-7, 1995 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. DECUS `95/San Francisco will include the possible mbone broadcast of sessions for those with high-bandwidth internet connections who can’t make it to the show. The show promises to have more sessions, more symposia, and (we hope) more vendors.

Will those two in 2013 be as famous as the ones from 1995 ?

Can you wait 18 years ?

Back to School – Learning to Start Over

Making up Numbers for a budget

If you use Numbers on Mac then this is the Budget Template.

The summer of 2011 is almost over and so I am looking back at the year seven and a half months into the calendar year.
Daily existence is up a notch  as the country and the world struggle over financial balance. This year is more out of balance then any year since 1990 when I left an enjoyable job involuntarily or even back to 1970 when I left high school and started my adult life.
I see the repeating pattern every 2o years. I can compare any source and see the same results. Change the legend on the chart to income of the wealthy , number unemployed , crime rate , or cost of gasoline and it still looks realistic. If you watch the news or read a newspaper the information is the same.

So here are the quick links I like to include…

zFacts - Price of Gasoline

The graph reflects DOE's weekly survey.

 U.S. Household net worth graphic –

Net Worth graphic

Net Worth graph - 22:13, 11 March 2010 (UTC)03/11/2009

Distribution Wealth (World 2000)

Graphic of distribution of Wealth

Follow the Money...

So we began fending and providing for ourselves

Screen shot of a family web site.

Davy Hollow is a Backyard Farm started 2010

We will see what the next year, decade (or two) yields for us and the rest of the world.

On a Green note , more people are getting into self reliant living.

Solar Energy – The sun shines bright, Lee

When was the last time you saw the sun ?
So today I saw the light.

Reflect - EMass Solar

As I saw the reflected sunny day !

In the window was this logo. In the store were past friends from the chamber!
So the month began with new kids, accidents ,  birthdays and things that  may happen in everyones life.
Occasionally you find a link in life and make a connection that leads to a link online.
It started with my bank, DCU.
The branch manager, Jon  had an Optimus Prime on his desk. So me being Cool Games, I asked about it.
Turns out he sells collectables. That’s not the topic of this post though. I have been practicing networking and found this new approach of elevator speeches, twittering and blogging to be too much learning. It seems every one has a different way of approaching it. So I went back to meeting people face to face and talking one on one. Now things are happening for me.
I just am myself. I talk about Earth Day 1970 and 2010. 40 YEARS! Big circle with the sun and earth as the focus.

Somewhere in the middle of this Jon met Lee then Darren and the three of us connected at many levels !

Zoom ahead to June 11, 2010 at high noon!
Suddenly I am back in the High Life and just being myself.

So the next step will be the next week. Making more connections to people I already know!
Catch you all later !

CKENP – College Kids and the Empty Nestered Parents

How many of us feel that when the kids are off to college we have a changed life ?

Let’s list the ways:

  • We can afford groceries and they sometimes last long enough to outlive their appeal.
  • We turn off the outside light at night and never find extra lights left on.
  • Loading the dishwasher so often that we wonder how two people go through so many so fast!
  • Eating out less because there is no need to cook for the small army with different schedules and tastes.
  • Planning to sleep late or just travel with a small amount of clothes. Sometimes just skip coming home.
  • Learning to use text in short messages like 25 years ago before email clients and laptops.
  • Spending time online or reading a book quietly without guilt.
  • Seeing old movies on TV and remembering them from the date to see them in theaters after work.
  • Driving a car with an empty or non-existent back seat again.
  • Playing the radio or music and finding it still tuned next time.

I am sure I could go on and maybe you find this blog and start your own list. I also find myself doing the math to figure the year my parents were my age.

Picture of Pictures

How big is your photo library ?

I realize that I have become my parents. I used to avoid them and have my own life and friends.
If you’re my age then “The Beatles” songs are remimding us of how we felt as teenagers.

This week kids are getting finished with their college classes and moving away from the dorms or into the next step in life.
I wanted to make an entry in my blog to remember this time later but find it is so small an event that it doesn’t warrant much attention. I feel  a writer’s block and leave it to the reader to fill in the story line as though they were writing the list. Go ahead and start your own blog or make an entry as I am leaving this post as is !